Vendor FAQs

How is this site marketed?

This site is (or will be) marketed in a number of ways.

a. Via word of mouth marketing.

b. Through direct Facebook comments on posts seeking wedding vendors.

c. Via highly targeted Facebook ads to local couples.

d. Via highly targeted Google Search ads to local couples.

e. Via highly targeted Pinterest ads to local couples that are planning their weddings.

f. At wedding shows throughout the state.

g. COMING SOON: A publication containing great content related to planning weddings, etc.

Do I need to pay to list my business?

No–you can list your business for free. There are many perks to a paid listing, including higher prominence on the site, ability to add images to your listing, and more.

I have a question. How can I contact you?

Please check out and use the contact form located here.

How can I contact you by phone?

While we would love to talk to you, in order to keep costs low, our staff is very limited. Therefore, we do not have a call center for you to call into at this time. We do frequently check and respond to messages sent to us via the contact form. If you’d like to talk to us on the phone or via a Zoom conference, please request to do so there!

How do I upgrade my listing after it’s been created?

If you created your listing at the free level, or at the premium level and want to upgrade to a paid listing (or featured listing), please contact us and we can hook you up!

I no longer want a paid listing. How do I cancel my recurring fee and downgrade?

You can downgrade/cancel your recurring paid listing by contacting us. We ask for 30 days notice for cancellation.